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(B2G) Business to Government Relations: Legal

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1 class  - Introduction. Government officials and decision makers. Competence of government agencies. Why business needs to communicate with?

2 class - Government communication on legal issues. Petitions, complaints, appeals, statements – whom, why and when? (individual exercises and group discussion)

3 class – Business company legislative initiative. Needs assessment and concept preparation (group discussion)

4 class – Business company legislative initiative. Russian legislation analysis and comments (individual and small group activity)

5 class – Business company legislative initiative. Law-drafting and presentation (small group and paper work)

6 class - Business sells products or services to government agencies. Bid for contracts by submitting responses to a request for proposal (RFP) solicited by a government agency (group discussion and paper work)
- Soliciting requests for proposals (RFPs)
- Tender of a business
- Unification communications solution to remain in contact with government agencies
-G-contract: content and negotiation